Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Butt LiftBrazilian Butt Lift at Mohave Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also known as a Brazilian Butt Augmentation, is a surgical body shaping procedure designed to enhance the shape of the buttocks, utilizing the body's own fatty tissues to enlarge and sculpt a more pronounced, perky “butt” for a more curvaceous backside. The Brazilian Butt Lift is perfect for anyone who feels that their derriere is too flat or sags too much, whether as a result of simple genetics or as the unfortunate consequence of time and gravity. It is an ideal option for anyone who is ready for a new physique with beautiful, sexy curves!

This amazing new procedure involves harvesting fatty tissue from a donor site on the patient's own body and reinjecting it into the buttocks for a larger, shapelier backside. Using your body's own tissues enables the creation of uniquely beautiful curves, but also decreases the risk of tissue rejection and increases the likelihood that the fat graft will become permanent. And because the removal of excess fat from other areas of the body leaves those areas smaller, slimmer, and more contoured, the Brazilian Butt Lift has the added benefit of making your new backside look even more curvy while giving your entire figure a fresh new sculpted and toned look.

A buttocks augmentation is truly a powerful body shaping technique that can result in a gorgeous physique if performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon with the extensive knowledge of anatomy required to perform all elements of the procedure safely. Moreover, it is critical to select a surgeon with artistic talent to design curves that naturally blend with your physique and enhance, rather than detract from, your natural beauty. Dr. Bryon Richards, Medical Director and lead plastic surgeon, has the extensive knowledge of advanced body shaping techniques, as well as years of experience successfully performing augmentation surgeries, necessary to deliver stunning results each and every time.

Your Buttocks Augmentation Procedure

Your buttocks augmentation surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. For most patients, the procedure takes between 90 minutes and three hours, depending on the desired scale of augmentation, and requires two steps:

  • Excess fatty tissue is gently removed from one or more donor sites on the patient's body, usually the abdomen and/or thighs. Similar to a traditional liposuction, a cannula (or thin surgical tube) is inserted through tiny incisions and the fatty tissue is carefully suctioned out of the body.
  • The fatty tissue is processed using LIFECELL REVOLVE™, a state-of-the-art system that rapidly and efficiently processes and sterilizes large volumes of fat cells for reinjection, ensuring that your procedure time is as safe and speedy as possible. The processed fatty tissue is then precisely injected into the musculature and deep fat of the buttocks, creating perfect curves just where you want them.

It is critical to follow all post-operative instructions carefully to maintain the proper position of the fat graft during the healing process. You should plan on taking at least 7-9 days off of work and wearing the compression garment provided to you for approximately two weeks. During this time, you should make every effort to avoid sitting, or if sitting is absolutely required, to sit on pillows. Following these directions will ensure that your perfectly sculpted, enhanced buttocks remain permanently lifted, perky, and sexy!

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